About Us

Created in 2008, VERA offers solutions in the management of complex projects, in the areas of institutional relations and Media Advisory, thanks to a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who have integrated their own experiences to offer expertise and creativity, with the goal of increasing the authority of their clients and giving greater impact to the contents of each client.

Offering the right mix of services, tailored to each client, allows us to:

  • Build solid bases to support the contents thus providing coherent messages
  • Take advantage of more resources via various channels
  • Evaluate and verify what has been stated in one context, so that it isn’t misunderstood or exploited in another

Knowing how to communicate means conveying messages and information in the correct way and at the right moment. To do this, we analyze contexts and situations, gathering information, and listening to the experts. Only afterwards do we decide what will be the story and how it will be told, in a simple way. Always.

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